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Fall Time at Myrtle Grove and Pleasant Grove Villages

Soon, the children and college students will be returning to school. The area will be getting a bit more quiet. The air will turn cool, but we will have bright blue skies.  This is one of the best times at the North Carolina coast.  The water is still warm.  Time to finish some great summer reading material.  Or, if you fish, there is the stillness of the beach that may lure that big catch.

At Myrtle and Pleasant Grove Villages, you have the openness and green space that no other apartment community has in the Wilmington area. It is a wonderful community for pets.  There are open spaces for dogs to walk with their owners.  We just always ask that pet owners be very mindful of picking up after their pets.  This is the most important aspect of being so pet friendly.  No one likes to step in something that ends up on their nice walking shoes!

The community is quiet, so no loud city streets or traffic.  It is relaxing to come home to a quiet environment.  There is plenty of parking at the site.  What is worse than driving around looking for a parking space when you are ready to get in your home.

We welcome all to our Villages…

The Amenities of Wilmington, North Carolina

The amenities of Wilmington, North Carolina are many. First, the weather is beautiful all year. The summers may be hot, but the cool ocean breezes make it bearable. The fall offers many months of brilliant colored trees. The state is known for the loblolly pines, which are green all year. The winter may offer a variety of some cold weather, maybe a little snow. This just adds to the variety of scenery to make living in Wilmington all the more interesting. You can golf and play tennis all year. That is truly a dream for many residents.